Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ipsy Review

Hey blonde here,

I'm sure y'all are fans of beauty... I sure am. I also find it hard to pay 50+ dollars for a tiny bottle of product. Imagine getting four or five products to sample for just ten dollars a month! I have found the solution. Michelle Phan (beauty blogger and youtuber) has crated an amazing organization, Ipsy. Michelle has been a youtuber since 2007 and has gained 2.2 million subscribers earning herself the title of "beauty guru". She has been in many magazines including Forbes and seventeen, she has also become a spokes person for LancĂ´me Paris.

Ipsy - beauty by you - is her program where you pay $10 monthly* to receive four or five sample sized and full sized designer products**, like hair, nail and face makeup and cleansers, in your "glam bag". Each month your glam bag is unique and different, and the contents is personalized to you by taking a quick quiz before you subscribe. You can save up to 70% on your favorite brands and brands you are to cheep to pay for. Some brands that are featured are The Balm, Urban Decay, Kiehl's, NYX, Josie Maran, Buxom, and Philosophy. So for someone's birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday think of using the gift feature and pay for their subscription, or just pamper yourself monthly with the shift of beauty.


$10- one month
$30- three months
$60- six months
$110- one year
And some where around $220 for two years

Monday, February 25, 2013


What have I been obsessed with lately? Well quite a few things as usual, but mainly jazz. In music class we have been doing a jazz unit, but that's not what got me into that mood... The oscars are the real cause. What is more American than the good ole academy awards? Jazz is pretty American... So I've broken out the old iPod and have been getting my fill. What is playing right now, cheek to cheek sung by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. I'm in love literally. I wish music were still as good as this, and people still went out dancing, not clubbing, and actually danced cheek to cheek.
I miss big band and suave gents like Sinatra and Astaire. The infectious beat of the walking bass and the trumpet and clarinet joining in. I sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong era, but then again what would I do without the Internet? So in the next few weeks listen to so e jazz and get some of that all American feeling!

Yours truly,
Blonde <3

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alien baby- day whatever

So the alien has been hatching for a few days now, almost a week, and it has almost completely escaped its shell... I walked into my kitchen this morning and got thoroughly freaked out because it was just THERE. So here are some pictures of this creepy baby.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Alien baby- day one

So brunette and I have decided to hatch a baby alien, don't believe us?

Well believe us. And of course me being the clumsy blonde I am... I dropped the egg and it broke.