Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year: an early morning schpiel

Blonde here. Well thats one year gone and another here to stay, well for another 364 days that is... but really happy new years and I truly hope that you all like the blog, I can tell that this year is going to be big! Happy 2013 again by from 2012!!!

song of the day

Happy New Years Eve, it's the brunette with the song of the day today, from Michigan! Today's rock song of the day is Taken for a Fool by The Strokes, this is from their more recent album Angels (2011). The song features a strong drum beat, which I like, and lyrics that make sense, which you will find quite uncommon now if you just turn on a pop radio station.
This maybe their favorite song of mine, but I also really like a few of their songs from their debut album Is this it (2001) such as 'Someday' and 'Is this it.'

Sorry that this post is very brief but I'm off to celebrate New year's, see ya next year!
Watch the music video down bellow!

Silver and Gold: ring in the new year with glitter galore

Hey there Blonde here again! Brunette has been in the car most of the day today and is now in Michigan... so you all probably know what today is, its new years eve. And most of us are gathered with family and friends to ring it in. What to wear is the question. My favorite thing to wear at any holiday party is glitter and sequins. They say "wow, look at me" and on the last day of the year don't you want as much attention as possible? Today I was searching through my closet trying to find the perfect outfit for this evening. What I had chosen was too cute, a sequined tank with berry high-waisted chords. But as soon as I remembered that it was December and almost January I switched to a comfy sweater instead. Sequin dresses are also super cute for any get together. On the top of the page are two Topshop dresses just screaming for attention ( and in this case mirrors count as a glittery object!) But if wearing all glitter, because you either don't enjoy the itch, or you don't want that MUCH attention, there are other ways to bring glitz into your new years style.

You could always paint your nails with a pretty polish, glittery polish always remind me of confetti. Or you could try other accessories! A statement clutch, glittery shoes, bejeweled rings and other jewelry, and never for get your hair. This year glittery hair is totally in for this sort of occasion. So in your pretty up do spritz some on and voila, you do is instantly enhanced! Also there are headbands and other classic ideas like that.                           so this year add some glitter to your style and party like its 1999, Happy Holidays!


Hey blonde here! Ah it's new years day once again, the end of the old year and the start of a new... Every year people make resolutions. But half the time nobody plans to keep them! People are always joking about how their resolution to " learn how to do open heart surgery" never happened, or their " go to the gym more often" never seemd to happen either... Well you wanna know why those things never happened? Will power... Maybe or is it something else. Nah it's will power!
You always see people on game shows loosing way more weight then you even have on you body, and those poor folks stranded on some island trying to win 30,000 dollars and you are just sitting on your couch wondering " ehh I could do
that ", but could you really?
If you are one of the people ( I know your out there ) who can't even keep a simple resolution then the chances are that you couldn't do that game show you've always wanted to be on.
Also resolutions are looked on nowadays as a sort of joke. People saying " oh did you make your (quote finger) resolution?" giggle giggle... And then the response is usually some quickly made up silly resolution, because the truth is that you haven't actually put any thought whatsoever into it.
Well this year here are some tips to making/ keeping an New Years resolution!

1. Make it a simple resolution. For example to once a day eat a serving of vegetables or be generally nicer. There's probably no way your resolution for learning to do open heart surgery will happen.

2. Remind yourself of it often so you don't forget it as the year goes on ( I'm guilty of not remembering what last years resolution was )

3. And most importantly keep your will power strong and keep thinking of how great and accomplished you will feel come 2024!

Lastly I will be stating my own resolution
* gasp *
I want to keep organized in school and at home.
See its simple enough that I can actually do it, it's something I can constantly remind myself of ( just by looking at my piled up desk ) and by next year I will be very proud of myself if I stick to it!

So leave a comment on here and on Facebook ( go to the about us page on the home screen to find the link ) and Happy New Year to all y'all!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Song of the day

Hey there blonde here. Sorry for the late post today, I've been catching up on the tv show
" Sherlock ", but here I am with the song of the day. So following this weeks theme of rock I've chosen a name most people will know if one is familiar with the band " pearl jam". For a while their front man and singer mainly was Eddie Vedder. After singing for Pearl Jam he went on to do his own thing. He made the soundtrack for the popular film " little miss sunshine" and recently ( well in 2011) has come out with a ukulele record. This record happily joins last weeks indie theme with this weeks rock base. ( check out our schedule on the home page ) His gritty voice mixed with the tropical sounds of the uke with the occasional duet partner makes any hardcore rock fan want to take it easy and drink a fruity drink while lounging in a hammock on a beach and just listen. This CD has a very pure sound with just one ( or two ) voices and the uke. The feature song on this album I really wanted to share has NO voices and is a mere 37 seconds long. The the track is call waving palms. It slowly fades in and for those few brief seconds of beautiful simple melody I am transported, transported to a beach ( which I have been longing for in these cold months ) and am sublimely happy. I am a sucker for hardcore rock of the old times and of the new, but for a breath of fresh air from sweaty performers and hand waving or head banging just listen to " swaying palms" and away you go.

Photos in order of appearance:
Younger Eddie performing with Pearl Jam
The cover of his ukulele album
An older Eddie with his uke

To listen to this song go to this link:

I also recommend " tonight you belong with me" on the same album!

winter metallics

Hello there! It's the brunette here. I have noticed that metallic has been a very recurring trend for the winter. From gold to silver to rose-gold and all other interpretations of the shade-I have been seeing this trend everywhere lately.
For one thing-nails. I've been seeing this as a nail color constantly, and I am in fact wearing a purple-y metallic color on my nails right now for New Years. My favorite metallic colors are two that I own from topshop, the first one is the purple one that I'm wearing right now (eyes of steel), and the second one is travel-sized gold one (crystal clouds).

I've also noticed that metallic pants have been quite popular. My personal favorite is the American Apparel disco pant, which resembles the ensemble Sandy wears at the end of Grease in 'You're the One that I Want.' However, at $85, almost every common retailer carries a shimmery legging knock-off and some for nearly half the price. [H&M, AE, ASOS]
But if leggings aren't really your thing, places are also selling shimmery or glittery metallic jeans. [PS, ASOS, F21]
And designer options. [7 for all mankind, Juicy Couture]

Saturday, December 29, 2012

song of the day

Hey internet, this is the brunette's first ever song of the day! Yayy! So I know yesterday we posted an update/announcement about our brand new schedule, so you should go look at that obviously if you haven't already. But to view the schedule, there will be a link in the sidebar but if you're too lazy even for that then I guess I'll just link it here.
So concluding this weeks indie theme, I'm gonna talk about Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwhich. Leftwich is a singer/songwriter from York, England. His song 'Atlas Hands' from his Album Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm is a slow, indie ballad with guitar instrumentals and soft vocals.
Apparently, he wrote it after graduating college with the pressures of people telling him to attend university, when he knew that instead he wanted to pursue music. The song is saying that he is going to be fine, and he is going to find his way eventually.
"I've got a plan, I've got an atlas in my hands. I'm gonna turn when I listen to the lessons that I learn."

You can also watch the nautical-inspired video for the song bellow.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Song Announcement

Ok so we have a song of the day announcement, or more than one...
We are going to do an every other day thing, one day I ( the blonde) will be doing a song and then the next day the brunette will do one.
Also there will be a weekly theme or genre for our music choice. If you go to the side bar a click on " songs of the week sched." It will transport you to our weekly schedule!
Thanks, bye now.

les mis: a review/schpiel- no spoilers intended

Hey there internet, for the first time EVER, the whole IR team is present! *hooray!!*.
It's time for some spchiel. We have recently returned from seeing the new tear-jerker, Les Miserables. And yes, we cried (the blonde cried more times than she'd care to tell-six times to be exact).
The movie was brilliantly produced, as well as touching the heart, this movie also provides a sense of what emotions were triggered for the people of the French Revolution, unlike other war-based blockbusters or fight-scene centered spy movies of today.
Les Mis follows the stories of convicts, women in factories, the poor French living on the streets, the rich military society, the revolutionaries, those caught up in love, and most importantly- Jean Valjean, a man caught up in all listed groups.
There is only one problem... Hugh Jackman. Throughout the film, as touching as it was, we simply could not enjoy our tears in sad moments involving Hugh Jackson, in which there were many. We could not take this wolverine seriously. In scenes including the beautiful Amanda Seyfried (who by the way, has an amazing soprano voice), and her mother Anne Hathaway - who as always did an amazing emotional performance, especially in her representation of 'I Dreamed a Dream'- the man resembled a pedofile. Sorry, but it's true. Even the people sitting behind us seemed to agree, taken by their muffled laughter alongside ours (which we honestly tried to contain!).
As he was singing his ballad of death, he made awkward noises and stroked Eddie Redmayne's gorgeous face. No joke. And when he was confessing his former life as a convict to Redmayne's character, he seemed to speak of Cosette (Seyfried) as if she was his lover, which she was not! She was in fact adopted daughter! In scenes where is shirt was exposed to his navel, he stroked Seyfried's face (something he seemed to do often), and sang of his admiration and love for her (as a daughter that is, although it sure didn't sound like it).
Enough on Hugh Jackman.
The singing was all live, and everyone in it was wonderful, we especially thought that Russel Crowe (portraying Javert) had a supreme singing voice.

Song of the day

Hey there this is the blonde one again for song of the day. Birdie Busch hails from Philadelphia, right near home. She mixes timeless ballads with edgy rhythms and catchy lyrics that would make any Indie music lover proud. The song off her soon to be released ( January 13, 2013 ) album "Birdie Busch and the Greatest Night" is a track called "body body". She talks about her body being physically there in a relationship, but she wants her significant other to not forget that she also has a soul. To get this album, or any of the songs before there release go to this website-
At this website you can also listen to the tracks for freeee!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Christmas in Inner Harbor

Hello Internet, it's the brunette half of the IR team finally posting here for the first time from the inconvenience of my iPod.
Given my current situation i don't have anything fork write about right now that would be of any interesting content so instead I think I'll just do MY daily schpiel about my current situation.
I think my blonde friend or the other half of the IR team already mentioned that I was in Baltimore, and indeed, I am.
I'm sitting in my hotel room staring out of the window that provides an awkward view straight into an office building. But even worse-you can also see into a gym, so that you can sit and watch people using the elliptical if you really wanted to.
But if you crane your neck at a certain angle you can catch a glimpse of the harbor, which is quite pretty despite the half-raining half-snowing weather.
And of course if you look directly downwards you can see j.crew.

Have a great post-christmas!

Song of the day

Today's song of the day is Jessica Lois Wares' boyfriend bashing ' wildest moments'. Jessie ware first came onto the charts in the UK around February 2012 with her hit single " running" later this year she released her first album " devotion" and it's off of this album that her top hit and today's song of the day is on. Coming up in 2013 her she will be releasing a new single called " sweet talk".
Over and out

A link to the amazing minimalistic video-

Day two/ thank you cards

Welcome to day two of he IR blog! 1/2 of the team is in Baltimore so today's Schpiel will be done by me ( the blonde ). So what is on my mind? Thank you cards... I was assigned to write thank you cards for people for gifts. The art of than you card writing is lost today for us teens. I think that just saying thank you over the phone or face to face is perfectly fine: for us not older people. There was once an incident where I told my grandma thank you, she got mad at me because she forgot that I had! From there on out I've always had to write thank you cards for people over the age of approximately 60 or 70. So there it is what was on my mind, I've better get started on the cards soon, that and science fair ( but that's another story aka. Tomorrows Schpiel )
Over and out

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What We're About

Hey there internet! This is the Blonde (1/2 of the IR team) saying hello and what we plan to do. On our blog there will be different segments in which you guys can view.

The Daily Schpiel- where we just talk about whatever is on our minds for the day.
Music- featured music of the day, week month (ect...)
Culture- whatever is in the news (music, movies, celebrities, real life)
Decor- the stuff that you put in your house or room that we think is cool.
Horoscopes- the realest horoscopes you could hope to find; all about love, school, friends, parties, and more
Links- all our favorite websites, stores, videos, blogs and more. Plus our personal Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and other links to do with us.
Over and Out!

         - different bands, genres, single artists (etc...)