Monday, December 31, 2012


Hey blonde here! Ah it's new years day once again, the end of the old year and the start of a new... Every year people make resolutions. But half the time nobody plans to keep them! People are always joking about how their resolution to " learn how to do open heart surgery" never happened, or their " go to the gym more often" never seemd to happen either... Well you wanna know why those things never happened? Will power... Maybe or is it something else. Nah it's will power!
You always see people on game shows loosing way more weight then you even have on you body, and those poor folks stranded on some island trying to win 30,000 dollars and you are just sitting on your couch wondering " ehh I could do
that ", but could you really?
If you are one of the people ( I know your out there ) who can't even keep a simple resolution then the chances are that you couldn't do that game show you've always wanted to be on.
Also resolutions are looked on nowadays as a sort of joke. People saying " oh did you make your (quote finger) resolution?" giggle giggle... And then the response is usually some quickly made up silly resolution, because the truth is that you haven't actually put any thought whatsoever into it.
Well this year here are some tips to making/ keeping an New Years resolution!

1. Make it a simple resolution. For example to once a day eat a serving of vegetables or be generally nicer. There's probably no way your resolution for learning to do open heart surgery will happen.

2. Remind yourself of it often so you don't forget it as the year goes on ( I'm guilty of not remembering what last years resolution was )

3. And most importantly keep your will power strong and keep thinking of how great and accomplished you will feel come 2024!

Lastly I will be stating my own resolution
* gasp *
I want to keep organized in school and at home.
See its simple enough that I can actually do it, it's something I can constantly remind myself of ( just by looking at my piled up desk ) and by next year I will be very proud of myself if I stick to it!

So leave a comment on here and on Facebook ( go to the about us page on the home screen to find the link ) and Happy New Year to all y'all!

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