Saturday, March 23, 2013


So I know I'm a day late for some W. I. P photos but here they are!
Lové le blonde

Friday, March 8, 2013


So here are some photos of blonde from the past week and my favorite pics that I found! Hope you enjoy and W.I.P will see you next week!

Week in photos

So It recently dawned on me that I take a lot of photos, and it would be cool to share it with you guys once a week... So every Friday brunette and I will collaborate and put up our favorite photos that we took (aka W.I.P) so that will be my next post!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Howdy all,

So brunette and I are still working on the website and how it looks, I am not good at these things and since she is on vacation it's hard to work on it together. We are planning to work on it together this Sunday, after we see the new OZ movie and expect a review. So until then have a wonderful day tomorrow, I hopefully will seeing as I am almost over a nasty cold I've had since Sunday... Thank you Baltimore and your dirtiness. Curses.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


So our school has a weird end of term spring break for eleven days. Wonderful, for those who are in Hawaii *cough cough brunette*. I didn't make any such plans, so what do i do? Go to Baltimore for some therapeutic shopping and to review the new Ripley's believe it or not Odditoium. The Odditorium was wicked cool. A bit pricey (around $40 for two adults) but in the end totally worth it. My absolute favorite part was the club/outer space room. It was covered in mirrors and had super loud music and a strobe light.

Me dancing to "Saxobeat"

Actually posing and trying to get a cool effect.


Another favorite room was a motion sensor room. It tracked what you did and relayed it onto a jumbo screen and you could see yourself dancing in some wicked effects. (Sorry for the quality it was hard to capture the weirdness of my dancing). I must have stayed in that room for at least thirty minutes, and only one guy walked through and laughed at me...

I also saw some Harry Freaking Potter stuff. I flipped out and hummed to the music and nearly ate the Harry Potter Licorice picture, there was also one of Justin Beiber from when he had girl hair. 
 By the way its made out of matches... 

. So all in all it was a super fun day. Shopping was one of my favorite parts... Plus i would like to add that I am one savvy shopper. If I shopped for regularly priced items $365 of my hard earned christmas money would have been gone, but I ended up with three sweaters four tanks and a two pairs of pants all for $147 smackeroos! WHAT NOW!! So I (Blonde) shall say adios until next time. I will eave you with some Baltimore Pictures
 World Trades center (the Baltimore one obviously) and the aquarium. 
 A boat. 
 A lamp post. 
 On the road. 
 More on the road...
. PLUS one super attractive picture of me glaring at my mum while sipping a coco shake at Johnny Rockets.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Under Construction

Just letting you guys know that over the next couple of days the design of the blog will be kind of iffy, that's because it's under construction! So... yeah...

the brunette