Saturday, March 23, 2013


So I know I'm a day late for some W. I. P photos but here they are!
Lové le blonde

Friday, March 8, 2013


So here are some photos of blonde from the past week and my favorite pics that I found! Hope you enjoy and W.I.P will see you next week!

Week in photos

So It recently dawned on me that I take a lot of photos, and it would be cool to share it with you guys once a week... So every Friday brunette and I will collaborate and put up our favorite photos that we took (aka W.I.P) so that will be my next post!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Howdy all,

So brunette and I are still working on the website and how it looks, I am not good at these things and since she is on vacation it's hard to work on it together. We are planning to work on it together this Sunday, after we see the new OZ movie and expect a review. So until then have a wonderful day tomorrow, I hopefully will seeing as I am almost over a nasty cold I've had since Sunday... Thank you Baltimore and your dirtiness. Curses.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


So our school has a weird end of term spring break for eleven days. Wonderful, for those who are in Hawaii *cough cough brunette*. I didn't make any such plans, so what do i do? Go to Baltimore for some therapeutic shopping and to review the new Ripley's believe it or not Odditoium. The Odditorium was wicked cool. A bit pricey (around $40 for two adults) but in the end totally worth it. My absolute favorite part was the club/outer space room. It was covered in mirrors and had super loud music and a strobe light.

Me dancing to "Saxobeat"

Actually posing and trying to get a cool effect.


Another favorite room was a motion sensor room. It tracked what you did and relayed it onto a jumbo screen and you could see yourself dancing in some wicked effects. (Sorry for the quality it was hard to capture the weirdness of my dancing). I must have stayed in that room for at least thirty minutes, and only one guy walked through and laughed at me...

I also saw some Harry Freaking Potter stuff. I flipped out and hummed to the music and nearly ate the Harry Potter Licorice picture, there was also one of Justin Beiber from when he had girl hair. 
 By the way its made out of matches... 

. So all in all it was a super fun day. Shopping was one of my favorite parts... Plus i would like to add that I am one savvy shopper. If I shopped for regularly priced items $365 of my hard earned christmas money would have been gone, but I ended up with three sweaters four tanks and a two pairs of pants all for $147 smackeroos! WHAT NOW!! So I (Blonde) shall say adios until next time. I will eave you with some Baltimore Pictures
 World Trades center (the Baltimore one obviously) and the aquarium. 
 A boat. 
 A lamp post. 
 On the road. 
 More on the road...
. PLUS one super attractive picture of me glaring at my mum while sipping a coco shake at Johnny Rockets.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Under Construction

Just letting you guys know that over the next couple of days the design of the blog will be kind of iffy, that's because it's under construction! So... yeah...

the brunette

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ipsy Review

Hey blonde here,

I'm sure y'all are fans of beauty... I sure am. I also find it hard to pay 50+ dollars for a tiny bottle of product. Imagine getting four or five products to sample for just ten dollars a month! I have found the solution. Michelle Phan (beauty blogger and youtuber) has crated an amazing organization, Ipsy. Michelle has been a youtuber since 2007 and has gained 2.2 million subscribers earning herself the title of "beauty guru". She has been in many magazines including Forbes and seventeen, she has also become a spokes person for Lancôme Paris.

Ipsy - beauty by you - is her program where you pay $10 monthly* to receive four or five sample sized and full sized designer products**, like hair, nail and face makeup and cleansers, in your "glam bag". Each month your glam bag is unique and different, and the contents is personalized to you by taking a quick quiz before you subscribe. You can save up to 70% on your favorite brands and brands you are to cheep to pay for. Some brands that are featured are The Balm, Urban Decay, Kiehl's, NYX, Josie Maran, Buxom, and Philosophy. So for someone's birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday think of using the gift feature and pay for their subscription, or just pamper yourself monthly with the shift of beauty.


$10- one month
$30- three months
$60- six months
$110- one year
And some where around $220 for two years

Monday, February 25, 2013


What have I been obsessed with lately? Well quite a few things as usual, but mainly jazz. In music class we have been doing a jazz unit, but that's not what got me into that mood... The oscars are the real cause. What is more American than the good ole academy awards? Jazz is pretty American... So I've broken out the old iPod and have been getting my fill. What is playing right now, cheek to cheek sung by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. I'm in love literally. I wish music were still as good as this, and people still went out dancing, not clubbing, and actually danced cheek to cheek.
I miss big band and suave gents like Sinatra and Astaire. The infectious beat of the walking bass and the trumpet and clarinet joining in. I sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong era, but then again what would I do without the Internet? So in the next few weeks listen to so e jazz and get some of that all American feeling!

Yours truly,
Blonde <3

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alien baby- day whatever

So the alien has been hatching for a few days now, almost a week, and it has almost completely escaped its shell... I walked into my kitchen this morning and got thoroughly freaked out because it was just THERE. So here are some pictures of this creepy baby.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Alien baby- day one

So brunette and I have decided to hatch a baby alien, don't believe us?

Well believe us. And of course me being the clumsy blonde I am... I dropped the egg and it broke.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My eggs

So I got bored, the blonde, on our totally uncalled for snow day, so I decorated eggs. Oh and I have a new high score in temple run 2, it's still lame compared to my old temple run game...

Sotd- avant qu'elle parte

So this is rap week. And I'm the blonde. And this is a later post.

So the song may be very unfamiliar to people, it's in French, and it's a newer song. The band who raps this song is called Sexion D'assault. Sexion D'assault was formed in 2002 and has eight band members, maitre Gims, Lefa, Doumams ( l'insomnaique), black mesrimes (black m), Adams Diallo (Barack Adama), maska, JR O Crom, and L.I.O or pétrodollars. The song, in case you all don't speak fluent French, is about the love of their mothers. They are trying to say "you should always be good to your mother, because one day she will be gone, and you can never take back what you did to her". The song has probably one of the catchiest choruses and intro, I can't get it out of my head. Their other songs from their latest album are also très excellent! L'apogée was their album and was number 1 on the charts for a while in France and Belgium. So go click the link to watch the awesome video. - their super cool music video!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

sotd: Sek-These Dayz

Hello, it's the brunette, so I know that today is technically 'rap' week. But I noticed that we hadn't posted anything on last week's genre, dance music. This is probably due to the fact that this genre isn't something I generally have and listen to. However, I did have a post planed and I was looking forward to sharing it with you guys, so here it is anyways.
Although I wouldn't technically call this dance music, that was what it was categorized under for iTunes, and so I think that's just what I'll put it under here. Technically, I would say that Greek DJ/producer Sek's new EP These Dayz is more soulful electronic music. The four-song collection includes came out almost a week ago on Jan 21 2013 by Lost My Dog records.
The EP includes four songs: These Dayz, West Coast Ride, Tears & Sweat, and The Light, all with moody rhythms and romantic vibes. Also, with a Twiggy-inspired album cover, who can resist?
Also, if you likes this it's rumored that Sek might be coming out with another EP soon.

Friday, January 25, 2013

From BB to CC

Hey blonde here.  Over the past few weeks many projects needed to be done for Le school... and the more projects and essays means later nights. in the morning theres nothing id rather do less than take at least ten min just to do foundation and moisturizer and primers, so whats a quick fix? BB or the new CC cream. So last year the big huge beauty craze was BB cream (or beauty balm or blemish base). Bb cream had been all the rage in Asia since 1985, and slowly made its way to western markets earlier last year. This year BB cream got a makeover into a newer more updated beauty fix, CC cream. CC cream was made popular by Rachel K in Asia yet again. It has all of the covering and correcting qualities of BB cream, but has more nourishing, moisturizing, SPF value than BB. BBs new sofisticayed little brother is great for oily skin, BB cream can look greasy and is a great deal heavier than the light mousy finish of CC cream. The mouse finish helps the coverage and is easier to blend than BB. So when CC cream comes to more brands, in the words of Asos " we'll CC you in it!"

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blood Red Shoes - Water

Bonjour, it's the brunette, and although I know that technically this week's theme is dance music. However, I just wanted to let you guys know about the new album by the Blood Red Shoes, Water, which was released today. Technically I wouldn't call this an album, it's more of an EP as it only consists of three songs: Red River, Black Distractions, and Idle Hands.
Anyways, I really liked their last album In Time to Voices (2012), especially 'Cold,' and the three new songs are much of the same style as the bands' previous debuts-Alternative Rock.
Although the alt. rock duo (Laura-Mary Carter on guitar and vocals, and Steven Ansell on drums and vocals) was formed in 2004, they produced their first full album in 2008, Box of Secrets.
The band's name came from a Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire musical, where a Rogers turned a white pair of shoes red with blood after practicing vigorously for the role.
Sorry for the genre switch, see ya next time with some dance music

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hey there blonde here, it seems like recently all we have been posting on here has been announcements... But I have one more, than ill post a song, or review. We have about 415 blog views... We really want to become more popular and all of today I have been working on just that, for some reason I think that if I post on celebrities pages than we will get shoutouts. Bahaha like that will ever happen. But really please tell people you know who love music and connecting with relatable people. So that's all I will talk about on this sad excuse for a post. We are working very hard to smooth out the bumps on the blog. Until next time...

the adventurous adventures of blonde and brunette: #1

Bonjour, we are back from our hibernation. It's been a long week at school, filled with science fair, history tests (and french and math tests) and english projects galore. But now, we would like to introduce a new segment to our blog! We call it: The Adventurous Adventures of Blonde and Brunette, where we go places and do things and take pictures of it. Yesterday, we took a long bike ride, here are some photos of our adventure:
warning: there are many pictures, and please excuse the brunette's strange attire: she is wearing fuzzy socks and slides and a neon coat-no judging, it's clashtastic