Friday, January 25, 2013

From BB to CC

Hey blonde here.  Over the past few weeks many projects needed to be done for Le school... and the more projects and essays means later nights. in the morning theres nothing id rather do less than take at least ten min just to do foundation and moisturizer and primers, so whats a quick fix? BB or the new CC cream. So last year the big huge beauty craze was BB cream (or beauty balm or blemish base). Bb cream had been all the rage in Asia since 1985, and slowly made its way to western markets earlier last year. This year BB cream got a makeover into a newer more updated beauty fix, CC cream. CC cream was made popular by Rachel K in Asia yet again. It has all of the covering and correcting qualities of BB cream, but has more nourishing, moisturizing, SPF value than BB. BBs new sofisticayed little brother is great for oily skin, BB cream can look greasy and is a great deal heavier than the light mousy finish of CC cream. The mouse finish helps the coverage and is easier to blend than BB. So when CC cream comes to more brands, in the words of Asos " we'll CC you in it!"

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