Sunday, January 27, 2013

sotd: Sek-These Dayz

Hello, it's the brunette, so I know that today is technically 'rap' week. But I noticed that we hadn't posted anything on last week's genre, dance music. This is probably due to the fact that this genre isn't something I generally have and listen to. However, I did have a post planed and I was looking forward to sharing it with you guys, so here it is anyways.
Although I wouldn't technically call this dance music, that was what it was categorized under for iTunes, and so I think that's just what I'll put it under here. Technically, I would say that Greek DJ/producer Sek's new EP These Dayz is more soulful electronic music. The four-song collection includes came out almost a week ago on Jan 21 2013 by Lost My Dog records.
The EP includes four songs: These Dayz, West Coast Ride, Tears & Sweat, and The Light, all with moody rhythms and romantic vibes. Also, with a Twiggy-inspired album cover, who can resist?
Also, if you likes this it's rumored that Sek might be coming out with another EP soon.

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