Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sotd: Beck

Hey there everyone, blonde here. So neither brunette OR I have been posting any songs of the day or anything for that matter on here. We felt pretty bad so I am here to fulfill your longing. Todays song is a nice transition from alternative to next weeks punk theme! So a few of might know a band by the name of Beck.
   Bek David Campbell ( Beck ) is a four-time platinum artist. The song i am choosing is a little ditty from "Odelay" (1996). "Where its at" almost borders on alternative hip hop, with it's two turntables and a microphone, and has an upbeat beat. "Sissyneck" is another song that might seem familiar to anybody, with an iconic whistle as an intro. I am going to keep this short, so go listen to the song or something, live an alternative life y'all! And we will see you in PUNK WEEK tomorrow!
"Where it's at" video- (official)

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