Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blood Red Shoes - Water

Bonjour, it's the brunette, and although I know that technically this week's theme is dance music. However, I just wanted to let you guys know about the new album by the Blood Red Shoes, Water, which was released today. Technically I wouldn't call this an album, it's more of an EP as it only consists of three songs: Red River, Black Distractions, and Idle Hands.
Anyways, I really liked their last album In Time to Voices (2012), especially 'Cold,' and the three new songs are much of the same style as the bands' previous debuts-Alternative Rock.
Although the alt. rock duo (Laura-Mary Carter on guitar and vocals, and Steven Ansell on drums and vocals) was formed in 2004, they produced their first full album in 2008, Box of Secrets.
The band's name came from a Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire musical, where a Rogers turned a white pair of shoes red with blood after practicing vigorously for the role.
Sorry for the genre switch, see ya next time with some dance music

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