Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day two/ thank you cards

Welcome to day two of he IR blog! 1/2 of the team is in Baltimore so today's Schpiel will be done by me ( the blonde ). So what is on my mind? Thank you cards... I was assigned to write thank you cards for people for gifts. The art of than you card writing is lost today for us teens. I think that just saying thank you over the phone or face to face is perfectly fine: for us not older people. There was once an incident where I told my grandma thank you, she got mad at me because she forgot that I had! From there on out I've always had to write thank you cards for people over the age of approximately 60 or 70. So there it is what was on my mind, I've better get started on the cards soon, that and science fair ( but that's another story aka. Tomorrows Schpiel )
Over and out

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