Sunday, December 30, 2012

Song of the day

Hey there blonde here. Sorry for the late post today, I've been catching up on the tv show
" Sherlock ", but here I am with the song of the day. So following this weeks theme of rock I've chosen a name most people will know if one is familiar with the band " pearl jam". For a while their front man and singer mainly was Eddie Vedder. After singing for Pearl Jam he went on to do his own thing. He made the soundtrack for the popular film " little miss sunshine" and recently ( well in 2011) has come out with a ukulele record. This record happily joins last weeks indie theme with this weeks rock base. ( check out our schedule on the home page ) His gritty voice mixed with the tropical sounds of the uke with the occasional duet partner makes any hardcore rock fan want to take it easy and drink a fruity drink while lounging in a hammock on a beach and just listen. This CD has a very pure sound with just one ( or two ) voices and the uke. The feature song on this album I really wanted to share has NO voices and is a mere 37 seconds long. The the track is call waving palms. It slowly fades in and for those few brief seconds of beautiful simple melody I am transported, transported to a beach ( which I have been longing for in these cold months ) and am sublimely happy. I am a sucker for hardcore rock of the old times and of the new, but for a breath of fresh air from sweaty performers and hand waving or head banging just listen to " swaying palms" and away you go.

Photos in order of appearance:
Younger Eddie performing with Pearl Jam
The cover of his ukulele album
An older Eddie with his uke

To listen to this song go to this link:

I also recommend " tonight you belong with me" on the same album!

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