Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Christmas in Inner Harbor

Hello Internet, it's the brunette half of the IR team finally posting here for the first time from the inconvenience of my iPod.
Given my current situation i don't have anything fork write about right now that would be of any interesting content so instead I think I'll just do MY daily schpiel about my current situation.
I think my blonde friend or the other half of the IR team already mentioned that I was in Baltimore, and indeed, I am.
I'm sitting in my hotel room staring out of the window that provides an awkward view straight into an office building. But even worse-you can also see into a gym, so that you can sit and watch people using the elliptical if you really wanted to.
But if you crane your neck at a certain angle you can catch a glimpse of the harbor, which is quite pretty despite the half-raining half-snowing weather.
And of course if you look directly downwards you can see j.crew.

Have a great post-christmas!

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