Monday, December 31, 2012

Silver and Gold: ring in the new year with glitter galore

Hey there Blonde here again! Brunette has been in the car most of the day today and is now in Michigan... so you all probably know what today is, its new years eve. And most of us are gathered with family and friends to ring it in. What to wear is the question. My favorite thing to wear at any holiday party is glitter and sequins. They say "wow, look at me" and on the last day of the year don't you want as much attention as possible? Today I was searching through my closet trying to find the perfect outfit for this evening. What I had chosen was too cute, a sequined tank with berry high-waisted chords. But as soon as I remembered that it was December and almost January I switched to a comfy sweater instead. Sequin dresses are also super cute for any get together. On the top of the page are two Topshop dresses just screaming for attention ( and in this case mirrors count as a glittery object!) But if wearing all glitter, because you either don't enjoy the itch, or you don't want that MUCH attention, there are other ways to bring glitz into your new years style.

You could always paint your nails with a pretty polish, glittery polish always remind me of confetti. Or you could try other accessories! A statement clutch, glittery shoes, bejeweled rings and other jewelry, and never for get your hair. This year glittery hair is totally in for this sort of occasion. So in your pretty up do spritz some on and voila, you do is instantly enhanced! Also there are headbands and other classic ideas like that.                           so this year add some glitter to your style and party like its 1999, Happy Holidays!

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